AES67 resources

July 9, 2020 written by @phlhar

AES67 is a standard for audio over IP developed by the Audio Engineering Society. It enables interoperability between existing standards such as Dante, RAVENNA, Q-Lan and Livewire.

Information about AES67

So how does AES67 actually work? The AES67 Wikipedia page and the AES67 draft from 2017 are a good point to get an overview:

In summary AES67 consists of three major, already existing standards. The first is Precision Time Protocol (PTP) as defined by IEEE 1588-2008 (Precision Time Protocol on Wikipedia) for clock synchronization. The second is the Real-time Transport Protocol (Wikipedia) with 24-bit PCM as the default audio format transmitted via multicast. The third is the Session Description Protocol with Session Announcement Protocol as the transport protocol for session discovery. I suggest to take a look at the standards (sadly IEEE 1588-2008 is behind a paywall) if you want to know how they work, as I won’t be explaining any details here.

Implementations of the standards

As the mentioned important standards for AES67 already exists longer than AES67 itself. We do not necessarily need to implement them, as there are already good working implementations out there.


  • GStreamer (also implements PTP and SDP): Open source multimedia framework
  • rtptools: “set of small applications that can be used for processing RTP data”



Open source software

Even though AES67 has been around for 6 years, there is not a lot of open source software for AES67 out there. Open source projects that are related to AES67 which I find most interesting are (in no particular order):

Closed source software

  • Lawo VSC (Windows) AES67 virtual soundcard
  • Lawo Stream Monitor (Windows) AES67 stream monitoring tool
  • Merging AES67 ALSA Driver (Linux, free and partially open source) AES67 Alsa virtual soundcard
  • Merging MacOS VSC (MacOS, free) AES67 virtual soundcard
  • Livewire+ VSC (Windows) Livewire+ virtual soundcard, compatible with AES67
  • Ravenna VSC (Windows, free) Ravenna virtual soundcard, compatible with AES67
  • RAV2SAP (Windows, free) “Session announcement translation between RAVENNA and SAP-based systems”
  • PTP Track Hound (MacOS, Linux, Windows, free) PTP network traffic analysis tool
  • Aneman (MacOS, Windows, free) Cross platform and cross vendor AoIP connection manager
  • AES67 Test Tone (MacOS, free) AES67 test tone app, does not implement PTP

Discussion, talks, articles and other resources

If you have further suggestions of software or resources that are missing on this list, feel free to contact me on Twitter.